Dana White On the Petr Yan- Aljamain Sterling Decision: ‘They Blew That One’

Dana White

Dana White believes that the judges blew the decision in the Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling fight.

The second fight between them was a very close fight, but White had it scored 3-2 in favor of Yan. The first round could have gone either way and many had it scored for both fighters. The second and third round were obviously Sterling’s rounds, but you could argue the same for Yan in rounds four and five. Sterling was able to control Yan’s back for back to back rounds and hold Yan in his body triangle for minutes on end.

Sterling would continuously shoot for single legs and when Yan would try to turn to get his leg out, he would jump on his back. Sterling’s grappling and how quick he was able to transition was incredible, although in the third round he wasn’t putting too much together in terms of action.

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Sterling was 2/22 on takedown attempts on the night and was out struck when standing as well. Yan has a legitimate gripe for feeling as if he won, but in a fight that close it is hard to label the loss for Yan as a robbery.

Dana White did not hold back in the post fight press conferences about the scoring

“Yeah I thought the judges blew that one. I had it 3-2 in favor of Yan,” White said when asked how he had the fight scored “I don’t know how you guys scored it, but I guess it all depends on how you score the first round.”

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White also nixed any possibility of a third fight between Sterling and Yan next. He looks to make the next title fight between TJ Dillashaw and ‘Aljo’.

How did you have the title fight scored? Did the judges get it wrong gin your eyes?