UFC CEO Dana White Believes ‘Khabib’s crew in Dagestan’ could Conquer soft, weak America, Nate Diaz reacts

Dana White

It’s no secret that Dana White is not a fan of the next generation.

The UFC CEO and staunch Trump supporter has gone on record multiple times expressing his dislike for this generation of “f*cking p*ssies” and the lack of savages willing to go out and put in the work for what they want.

In fact, Dana White believes that the country has gone so soft that Khabib Nurmagomedov and his crew in Dagestan could walk right in and take over.

“If we go to war right now, are you confident in this generation that we have right now? That these guys are gonna go out and storm some f*cking beach somewhere? There’s a small, handful of people,” White said during an appearance on the Full Send podcast. “Most of them probably down around the bible belt and down south that will actually f*cking stand up and fight for this f*cking country right now.

“It’s scary. Khabib’s crew in Dagestan could probably come in and take over this f*cking country right now because this generation is such a bunch of f*cking p*sses. We’re getting soft. We’re getting weak. Every 10 years we get softer and weaker” (h/t MMA Mania).

Nate Diaz Responds to Dana White’s Gripe with the next generation

Former UFC fan favorite Nate Diaz sided with White on the country’s increase in weaklings, but he’s not about to stand aside and let ‘The Eagle’ and his cronies take anything from him.

“Agreed,” Diaz wrote on Instagram. “But kabob and his friends ain’t gonna do sh*t.”

White conceded that every generation usually believes the next one in line is softer than the last, but the lack of respect for police, military, and the country is his main gripe with Gen Z.

“To be fair, I think every generation thinks the next generation is soft,” White continued. “If you look at all the sh*t that’s going on in the world right now, there’s no respect for the police anymore, there’s no respect for the military. There’s no respect for our country, our freedom, our way of life that we have here. You can sit around and nitpick and talk about things that are wrong with the United States.

Let me tell you something, your generation, my generation, everybody’s generation … this is it. If this falls, there’s no other f*cking place to go.”

Do you agree with Dana White’s harsh assessment of today’s youth, or does the UFC CEO just sound like every other multi-millionaire curmudgeon?

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