Dana White plans to release documentary about COVID-19 critics: “It’s gonna live forever.”

Dana White, COVID-19

UFC president Dana White revealed his plans to drop a documentary about the media who criticized him during UFC’s covid era.

During an interview with Robbie Fox, White dropped some hints about the planned film and said it will feature the names of the several media outlets who publicly criticized him during COVID-19.

“It’s just like when we went through COVID, you know and I had to listen to all the bullsh*t as we went through COVID. And then after I came out with a little documentary I did about the media going into COVID. Which is gonna be even bigger, I’m working on even a bigger piece about the media,” White said. “Wait ‘till you see this bad boy…Faces, publications, names, what they said, the whole deal. It’s gonna live forever. And I’ll do the same thing with Power Slap once we get where we’re going.” (h/t Middle Easy)

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Dana White is No Stranger to Criticism 

In 2020, White faced backlash for not stopping the UFC during the pandemic. Instead, the UFC showcased fights on “Fight Island” with strict COVID-19 protocols in place. 

White was recently criticized for a physical altercation with his wife during New Year’s Eve. He’s also been scolded for his new “Power Slap” league. He didn’t reveal a release date or who exactly will be featured in the documentary.