UFC President Dana White is crediting Gary Brecka with his incredible body transformation in recent months.

If the name Gary Brecka sounds familiar, you might remember White mentioning him during an appearance on the Action Junkeez podcast months back. After undergoing a series of tests, the ‘human biologist and mortality expert’ hit White with the news that he only had an estimated 10 years left to live. As a result, White began taking his health much more seriously. The 53-year-old is now sporting chiselled abs and a ripped physique in a truly impressive transformation.

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Dana White credited the turnaround to a product called ZenCleanz.

“If any of you have ever wanted to try a cleanse but didn’t know what was a good one to do, try Zen Cleanse,” White said in a video shared on social media. “I did it a couple weeks ago and it was incredible. Gary Brecka told me it’s the best. I bought 10 more for my family and friends. If you try it, let me know what you think.”

Being Ripped Like Dana White is Going to Cost You

Of course, it definitely helps to have deep pockets like Dana White if you plan on taking his advice and getting your own genetic testing and cleanse kits. Despite a complete lack of legitimate science to back up their process, Brecka’s company, 10x Health System, will start by charging you a whopping $600 to deliver an estimated date for your expiration.

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If you choose to take action and extend your time among the living, the one-day colon cleanse that Dana White is sporting in the above video will set you back another $250. The seven-day detox kit bumps the price tag up to $600. Revealing that he had purchased 10 of each, White has spent at least $8,5000 on cleansing kits. A mere drop in the bucket for White, but a considerable chunk of change for the average working person.

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“It was an incredible experience for me. I fasted from a Friday to a Monday and only did the cleanse. I’m going to show you some pictures here of me during the cleanse. This thing was so good,” White continued.

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