The UFC campus in Las Vegas is getting a hotel.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dana White and the UFC have had to make several adjustments in order to continue to run events. One of the major changes was the majority of events are at the UFC Apex at the UFC’s headquarters. They also created Fight Island so international fighters could continue to fight.

Although both ideas have been a success, White and the UFC are still aren’t done creating news ideas to overcome the pandemic.

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“I don’t even know if you guys know this, but f-ck it, I’ll tell you anyway,” White told reporters following Tuesday’s Dana White’s Contender Series 30 event at UFC Apex (h/t MMAJunkie). “We just bought 10 acres over here, too. We’ve got another 10 acres now. More stuff coming soon.”

When asked what more stuff might be, Dana White revealed they would be building a hotel.

“We’re going to build our own hotel,” White said. “We’ll be completely self-sufficient.”

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Although hotels in Las Vegas are extremely popular for tourists, White reveals it would not be for the public right now. Instead, it would be to host the fighters that are competing.

“It will be more designed for fighters,” White said. “Just like the Apex was designed for fighting and putting on special events, this place would be designed exactly for what our needs are in a hotel.”

Currently, UFC fighters are staying at either the Holiday Inn or Residence Inn, where it is just UFC fighters there. For Dana White, he knows this hotel would pay for itself quickly as renting out an entire hotel is certainly not cheap.

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“Obviously with what’s going on right now, our own hotel would pay for itself real quickly,” White said.

The hope is to have the hotel operational for early 2021.

What do you make of the UFC building its own hotel?