Colby Covington has beef with tons of members of the UFC roster – including those within his own gym of American Top Team (ATT).

The most notable being Jorge Masvidal, his former best friend, and Dustin Poirier. Covington even teased that things have gotten so bad he might have to leave ATT. However, ATT owner and agent Dan Lambert tells The Score he doesn’t think that will happen. (H/T MMA Junkie)

“We got a big gym, and we got a lot of coaches with a lot of experience in dealing with issues that arise between fighters,” Lambert said. “So I’d be surprised if anyone exited the gym over a beef with another fighter. That’s just not the way it works.”

Lambert has been around the MMA game for quite some time. Given the current circumstances between Covington, Poirier, and Masvidal, he doesn’t see enough to warrant a fighter leaving the gym.

“People leave gyms for different reasons,” Lambert said. “I don’t think having beef with another fighter at the gym is a real good reason. There’s no need to have to train together. There’s no need to have to be together. So, you don’t like someone in your place of work, you just quit your job?”

Do you think Covington will remain with American Top Team?

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