Ever since his fight with George St pierre and being on the UFC Primetime show Dan “The  Outlaw” Hardy has quickly become a recognizable face among fans worldwide. In a recent Q&A session Dan talked about his rising popularity

“I was standing in line at the Star Wars ride, and there were these two guys dressed as Storm Troopers,” Hardy said at a UFC Fan Club Q&A session. “One of them turns around and points at me and looks at his friend. I was like, ‘This is weird. The Stormtroopers are recognizing me.”

Hardy also talked about his possible UFC 120 opponents Martin Kampmann or Carlos Condit

On Condit: “He doesn’t go to a decision very often. He likes to come finish fights. He’s got good submissions and good striking, and he doesn’t mind mixing it up and taking a few shots. If that fight comes off, I’ll be really looking for it.”

On Kampmann: “I have trained with Martin a lot. He’s a good friend of mine, and he’s a very, very talented fighter. If I ever fight him, I think it would be great fun. I’ve got a lot of respect for him, and I think it would be a great fight.”

The Outlaw then spoke about his enemy Josh Koscheck who is scheduled to take on GSP in late December

“I just have different values than Josh Koscheck,” Hardy said. “No faking eyepokes or knees to the head. I don’t bitch and moan. You’ve got to understand – I just beat Mike Swick a week before to get my title shot. I went to UFC 106 feeling good about myself and having a great time. I sat right beside the octagon, and as soon as Josh Koscheck won his fight, he called me out. I wanted to kick him in his teeth right then, but I couldn’t.”

Source: mmajunkie.com