Whether the excuse is, “I got hurt in training camp,” or, “I took that fight on short notice,” MMA fighters who can’t cope with losing throw forth every reason as to why they feel their efforts landed them short of their goal.

As reported around the world recently, the news of Jose Aldo‘s broken rib means much more than the champ being injured. Though Conor McGregor is a worthy competitor, and many people gave him a chance to beat Aldo before the injury news was reported, this fight could have an asterisk next to it.

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If McGregor does everything to Aldo that he has been claiming he will do, either Aldo will ask for an immediate rematch when he is “healthy,” or the fight fans will ask the same thing. The stigma of being invincible, which Aldo has lived up to for so many years, seems like it has been broken a little bit – pun definitely intended.

I am not saying that I think Aldo will lose this fight, but this will be the scenario if he does. He has been cleared by doctors, and is making the conscious, or sub-conscious decision to still step in the ring injured.

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What about Chad Mendes? What about Frankie Edgar? The top of this division is already stacked, and if McGregor comes away victorious on July 11 at UFC 189, it will instantly turn into a massive cluster you know what.