Daniel Cormier Compares Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return To Christmas

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s return at next month’s (July 9, 2016) UFC 200 has sure over shadowed the event’s highly anticipated main event between reigning 205-pound champion Daniel “DC” Cormier and ex-champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

Cormier has no issue with this, however, as he recently compared Lesnar’s return to ‘Christmas time’ on yesterday’s (June 13, 2016) edition of The MMA Hour:

“So I started to ask everyone when I heard about it because, you know, I got it from a pretty reliable source. I messaged Brock. I said, ‘Hey Brock, is it Christmas time in the Cormier household? Because Brock Lesnar equals pay-per-view buys.’ But he didn’t respond. Then finally after the commercial ran, I got a response from Brock that said, ‘Merry Christmas DC.’ And I was like ‘You got to be kidding me!’ I had to take a moment, sit in the corner a little bit and try to compose myself. It’s tremendous, man.”

In Cormier’s opinion, his rematch with Jones is the biggest fight available in mixed martial arts (MMA) as of now. With that being said, adding Lesnar’s return into the mix should provide for fireworks in Las Vegas:

“It’s a big event; you got Brock Lesnar who you can argue is the biggest star in UFC history. And I believe you have the most important fight that UFC can put on right now. I love Nate, love Conor, it’s a huge fight, but what is it for? It isn’t for a belt. It’s not going to lead to a title shot, it’s a fight that people just want to see because it’s an attraction. When it comes to Jon and I, you have the most important fight UFC can put on at the most important event.”

The card will feature three title fights including the main event, and Lesnar will face off with veteran slugger and legendary knockout artist Mark Hunt in the co-main event.

Is UFC 200 the biggest event of all-time?

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