‘Cool Hand’ Corley fighting in Glory First 16

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Michael “Cool Hand” Corley (27-6-2) is an American Muay Thai fighter from Spring, Texas. In 2011 he was a contestant on: The Challenger Muaythai Reality Show in Thailand. He is currently slated to compete in the Glory First 16 scheduled for May 26 in Sweden.

Corley acquired the name “Cool Hand” from the movie Cool Hand Luke.  According to Corley, this refers to the fact that what may seem innocuous can often be deadly. Corley says his boyish appearance gives him the element of surprise in his fights. Corley took some time from his busy training schedule to talk with LowKick.com

How did you get started in Muay Thai?
I started boxing in my junior year of high school and met UFC Fighter Yves Edwards at an event. He had a gym pretty close to me so I went and tried it out. That is where I started training in Muay Thai.

What are some of your proudest achievements in the ring?
Fighting in Lumpinee Stadium is the top of my list. Another one would be fighting at Baan Klaang in front of my favorite fighters Samart, Somrak, Sangtiennoi, and a bunch of other Muay Thai legends.

Have you trained in Thailand?
I lived and worked in Thailand for close to 2 years at a Muay Thai camp taking reservations and managing day to day operations. When I wasn’t tied down with work I was training as much as I could.

How many fights did you have there?
All of my professional fights have been in Southeast Asia, except for one in South America. Most of my fights were in Thailand, but I fought in Malaysia and Cambodia too.

Have you learned anything in Muay Thai that has helped you outside the ring?
I learned to be humble and respectful. Muay Thai is a small community and everyone is very respectful. It is a rough sport so anyone that competes at the high level gets my respect.

Tell me about Glory First 16, it seems like a real diverse international card. How do you feel being a part of it?
I am honored to be on it. There are a few K-1 Max champions on there, Muay Thai Champions, and top contenders in both kickboxing and Muay Thai, it will be a great show.

Do you know your opponent, Ky Hollenback?
Yes. He is in my opinion the top Muay Thai fighter in the USA and one of the top in the world in Muay Thai. It is a good chance for us to both go out there and represent the USA.

Have the two of you fought previously?

No, but I have seen him fight numerous times. He is always pushing the pace and never tires.

How do you feel going into this fight?
I feel good physically and mentally. I think it is a great opportunity for me.

Do you have any sponsors?
I don’t have any sponsors right now, but if anyone would like more information on how to become a sponsor they can contact me through Facebook or by email: texasmuaythai@gmail.com

Do you have any shout-outs?
I would like to thank some gyms that have helped along the way leading to this and other fights: Main Boxing Gym in Houston, Team Tooke, 4oz, Real Fighters in KY, and CSA.