Conor McGregor: I Want Everyone In The Division’s Head On A Plate

Notorious UFC featherweight Conor McGregor has made a name for himself for his aggressive will in the heat of battle, but also for being an incredibly talented and funny trash talker. His recent online beef with Cole Miller was cut short when the ATT product dropped from their Fight Night 46 date with an injured hand, and was swiftly replaced with TUF 14 winner Diego Brandao.

Now looking at a very different kind of fight in his home soil of Dublin, Ireland, ‘The Notorious’ spoke with about just about all things 145 pounds:

“I want that target on my back,” said McGregor. “I want every one of them. I don’t understand how so many of these guys are signed to the UFC and have had so many fights in the UFC and have no aspirations whatsoever of the belt. Have never once mentioned the champion. Have never once put themselves out there to get that. I don’t understand that. From the day I signed last year my eyes are on the gold. I don’t understand people that don’t. Anyone that’s in my way is in the firing line.

McGregor has certainly been vocal about beating the top end of the solid featherweight category, and his debut knockout against Marcus Brimage proved that the Irish puncher can also walk the walk. He continued:

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“I’m not impressed with what I see,” said McGregor. “Haven’t been for a long time. I never looked at anyone in the division and thought, ‘They’re on my level.’ I just don’t see it. Sometimes I come off as disrespectful, but what I’m saying a lot of the time, I believe it’s truth. Fair enough, I’ve thrown an insult in here and there but I believe what I’m saying is the truth. I don’t think none of these guys are on my level. Not one of them move the way I move. Not one of them. No one is prepared for what I’m bringing.”

A win over Brandao at Fight Night 41 would certainly strengthen McGregor’s case for a very high profile fight, but would he deserve a title contender match at that point? It’s tough to say at this stage, but C-McG clearly has the drive to get far in this MMA game:

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“If you’re not willing to go all the way you won’t go anywhere. You can’t fear success and I think a lot of people do. I’m definitely a different talent than the champion has faced before. He’s done a lap of the contenders. It’s perfectly set up for me. I believe [Jose Aldo] is too flat-footed. He throws single shots. I want every one of them. Cub is probably next in line. He should be, maybe if he wins, but I’m not following protocol. I’m doing things my own way. I welcome every one of them. I’ve had words with Cub in the past. It would be a great fight. A fight people will pay to see. But I want every one of them, not just him. I don’t just want the belt. I want every one of their heads on a plate.”

For all the talking that McGregor does, you can’t deny that he has very high hopes for himself. Having rode in to the UFC on a huge hype train, the former Cage Warriors two-weight champion continues to surge to this day. His eventual return from injury will no doubt be very closely watched, undoubtedly upping the pressure on ‘The Notorious’. Will he shine through, or end up eating his words against Diego Brandao?

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Banner image courtesy of USA Today Sports