Conor McGregor claims planned December fight return has been vetoed by UFC: ‘It’s not gonna happen’

Conor McGregor claims UFC won't allow him to fight in December it's not gonna happen

Despite getting the fans worked up and excited for a fight with Michael Chandler in December, Conor McGregor is now saying: “It’s not gonna happen.”

In a series of four voice messages to Twitter, McGregor spoke on many things. Chief among them was his December date with Michael Chandler. Unfortunately, the UFC superstar is now claiming “Things have come up,” and is stating the fight will just not happen, period.

While this may be tragic to some, a lot of fans probably never believed him in the first place anyways. See, Conor McGregor has long since missed the cutoff date by USADA to rejoin the testing pool. An athlete would be required to be in the pool for a certain length of time before being allowed to compete. It was announced months ago that McGregor had missed the cutoff date, so many fans thought it was already off the table to see ‘The Notorious’ return in 2023 anyways.

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Then, Conor McGregor would be feeling pretty chipper one day, and announce his plan to return to action. First, it was a fight with Michael Chandler in December. Then, the Irishman wanted to test himself against Justin Gaethje and seize the BMF title. And finally, McGregor was looking for a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz.

Now, things will definitely have to be pushed back, and the UFC star seems disappointed but also wanted to remind fans he was doing things such as “Sitting on top of his yacht,” so, maybe all hope isn’t lost after all.

Conor McGregor speaks on December Michael Chandler fight getting pushed back

“I’m ready, yeah… I’ve given everything. It (the fight with Michael Chandler) is not gonna happen, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. Im gonna keep doing my thing, I’m in a great spot and I’ll see you’s soon.”

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“Tell the commission what’s the story, because I’m looking out for my livelihood here… I’m on top of this game for the longest, I’m on top of this yacht at the minute. I’m on top of this game fu***** long, yeah?”

Conor Mcgregor would then go on to talk about UFC 292, complimenting the UFC and fighters for putting on a great show. He’d also touch on the Sean O’Malley finish over Aljamain Sterling, and compliment ‘Suga’ for what McGregor saw as a very smooth finish.

Are you surprised Conor McGregor isn’t going to fight this year?