The feud between Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier appears to be over.

On the most recent episode of ‘DC & RC’, Cormier put McGregor at the top of his list of “must-see UFC fighters.”

Despite the animosity with McGregor, Cormier insisted that the Irishman is the biggest draw in MMA history and he says that fact is evidenced by the pay-per-view numbers.

“The person that draws in the most eyeballs is the most must-watch guy the sport has ever seen,” Cormier said. “McGregor has – I don’t know – four of the top five grossing pay-per-views of all time. So if got to take a number one pick and you’re building an organization for success, you gotta take Conor McGregor.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

“Fair, although I would say I am 1 thru 5 before other comes in, but I understand,” McGregor wrote on social media in response to Cormier putting him at the top of his “must-see UFC fighters” list. “Respect Daniel, carry on, god bless. Nice one mate, get a bottle of 12 onto the set now. You were seen! @ProperWhiskey has landed The Big P 12 @laura_sanko @espn #tasty #forbesnumber1″

Do you think the beef between Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier is truly over?

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