Conor McGregor Responds To Anthony Pettis’ Nashville Knockout: Who F**king Wants It

Per Haljestam for USA TODAY Sports
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Anthony Pettis electrified the MMA world when he knocked out Stephen Thompson with his ‘Showtime Punch’ (watch it) in the main event of last night’s UFC Nashville. It’s time Conor McGregor responds to the jaw-dropping victory.

After the KO that left ‘Wonderboy’ hospitalized and wondering where he was, it was pointed out online that Pettis had only the third UFC fighter to win at featherweight, lightweight, and now welterweight. Interestingly enough, the other two were Kenny Florian and one Conor McGregor.

As has become customary after big wins in UFC main events, McGregor posted a quick response on Twitter. It was a somewhat backhanded congratulations to Pettis ending with him issuing a veiled challenge of sorts:

McGregor followed that with a cryptic tweet about how the ‘King’ would rise to the top:

Really Returning?

Pettis hinted that he wanted a fight with McGregor after his huge welterweight debut. Essentially every fighter who has an even somewhat recognizable name calls out McGregor after a big win. And McGregor sometimes acts like he wants to fight them, such as his online callout of Donald Cerrone after ‘Cowboy’s win this January. But that fight never materialized, and the truth is none of them really are.

McGregor has one fight in the UFC since November 2016 and he got dominated. However, he’s staying relevant at the top of MMA by calling out every winner on social media. It may not result in an actual fight, but it does undoubtedly help his booming Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey sales. In that sense, you can’t argue he’s not a good businessman. He’s most definitely a great one.

Yet in terms of actual relevancy at the top of the fight game, it’s his name and bank account keeping him clinging to the top spot. It’s his for now, but at some point, he’s going to have to fight one of these names he’s pointing out online.

Or maybe not.

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