Conor McGregor tipped to chase ‘Easier’ fight with Nate Diaz in UFC return: ‘I think he’s trying to wait me out’

Conor McGregor tipped to fight easier Nate Diaz in UFC return

Michael Chandler believes Conor McGregor is no longer interested in fighting him. 

The Chandler and McGregor saga should have be over some time ago, but seven months after their season of The Ultimate Fighter began airing a date has not even been set. While promises of an update have come, nothing has been announced and from recent media appearances from both Chandler and McGregor, one doesn’t appear to be in the pipeline. 

Michael Chandler makes bold Conor McGregor claim

Appearing on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Chandler broke down the situation and explained that he believes that McGregor is attempting to wait hi out in order t get an easier opponent on his return.

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I think right now he’s trying to wait me out,” Chandler said “I mean, because if you were him, would you want to wait as long as possible for the guy like me, who’s a real fighter, who wants to be in there, who wants to compete so that I say, ‘Screw it, I’m gonna go fight someone else’ and then he can go fight an easier fight – Nate Diaz. (H/T MMA Fighting)

“It looks really bad on everyone’s part if Conor comes back and doesn’t fight me,” Chandler continued. “Conor can try to come back and act like he runs the show and say, ‘I want to fight this guy, I want to fight that guy,’ which if I was in his position, if I was his manager, I would be trying to do the same thing because fighting me is not the smartest fight.”

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Chandler has every right to be annoyed at the situation, for someone who is 37-years-old and want to make the most of his career, this time out must be frustrating.

Who wins, Michael Chandler or Conor McGregor?