Conor McGregor Accepts Anderson Silva’s Callout

McGregor Silva
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Conor McGregor is seemingly willing to be a dance partner with Anderson Silva.

Amid McGregor’s recent GOAT discussion, Silva decided to call the Irishman out for a catchweight super fight.

“SUPER FIGHT 176.37LBS. I have an immense admiration for the great athlete Conor and I believe that a super fight would be something historic for the sport, neither of us need to prove anything to anyone; I believe UFC and sport fans would like to see this great martial (arts) show, testing my martial skills with him would be fantastic!!”

McGregor Open To Silva Fight

Despite a fight between the pair being unlikely in reality, it’s something McGregor is apparently open to as he responded on Thursday.

“I accept.”

McGregor went on to retweet an old video of him talking about going up and fighting any weight — even middleweight which is notably Silva’s division. In that video, he also mentioned how the more one goes up, the slower the opponents get.

He further hinted at competing at 185 soon after.

“185! Rock in like Rousimar.”

“You want to see bombs?”

Whether he is fully serious or just looking to make headlines remains to be seen.

The heaviest McGregor has fought is at 170 pounds while Silva hasn’t competed below 185 in the UFC. Again, a fight between the pair is unlikely — but it’s certainly not impossible.

Do you think we’ll see McGregor vs. Silva?

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