Congressmen condemns Dana White-Backed Power Slap League: ‘Traumatic brain injury isn’t entertainment.’

Congressmen condemns Dana White-Backed Power Slap League: 'Traumatic brain injury isn't entertainment.'

Dana White’s Power Slap League continues to receive a rigorous round of criticism from people who watch it. Recently US Congressmen Bill Pascrell Jr. and Don Bacon weighed in on the situation.

New Jersey’s Ninth District Representative Bill Pascrell Jr. and Nebraska’s Second District Representative Don Bacon penned a letter to TBS and Warner Bros, in regards to the dangers of Dana White‘s Power Slape League.

See the full letter below:

On Twitter, they added:

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“Today @RepDonBacon and I are asking TBS and Warner Bros about their crass new TV show “The Power Slap” glorifying terrible violence. Where are the warnings to this mindless violence? Traumatic brain injury isn’t entertainment.”

Dana White’s Power Slap League and Brain Damage

US Congressmen are not the only people to levy criticism towards the sport. Worldwide slap leagues have been condemned and needlessly dangerous. Polish slap fighter Artur Walczak died after being hospitalized post a slap match.

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Neurologist Dr. Nitin Sethi spoke with IB.TV and laid out what kind of injuries would be common in Dana White’s Power Slap League. The Neurologist explained:

“Open-handed slaps delivered with such force to the opponent’s face frequently cause the person’s legs to buckle, at times suffer momentary – sometimes longer – loss of consciousness, and collapse to the floor. These are all concussive injuries of varying duration. The ‘athlete’ who is on the receiving end of the slap has no option available to him to defend himself. These ‘slaps’ will add up. In my professional opinion, those who partake in this ‘sport’ will also suffer the stigmata of chronic neurological injuries.”

Dr. Nitin Sethi continued regarding Power Slap League:

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“I disagree with the argument that better medical supervision of this ‘sport’ shall make it safer. I am not sure what a physician is meant to supervise here other than being the overseer of concussive injuries occurring under his or her watch.”