Colby Covington Predicting Loss For Jorge Masvidal: ‘Load The House On Usman’

Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington expects the UFC 251 headliner between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal on Saturday to only go one way.

Masvidal challenges Usman for the welterweight title on six days notice after Gilbert Burns had to pull out following a positive test for COVID-19. Of course, Masvidal was expected to face Usman initially, but the fight never went through after failed negotiations with the UFC.

But as far as Covington is concerned, Masvidal took the fight on the same deal he was originally offered. And given the current circumstances, it provides his former friend and roommate the perfect excuse for when he eventually loses.

“I think that Judas Masvidal took exactly what they gave him the first time but now he realized he was going to get put in the doghouse if he didn’t take it,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “Also, it’s a better opportunity for him because you know he’s on a weeks’ notice. So now he’s already got built in excuses after he gets ragdolled by Marty on Saturday night. ‘Oh guys, I only had one week to prepare.’

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“No, buddy. You had about six months to prepare but you wanted to act like you didn’t want to fight, you wanted to stand up for all the fighters. But we know you’re nothing but a thirsty hoe looking to get a paycheck.”

Usman Beating Masvidal ‘Easiest Bet Of All Time’

Covington last faced Usman in a back-and-forth brawl that resulted in him losing a fifth-round TKO.

Although things were heated with Usman, both fighters acknowledged they were at the top of the heap in the welterweight division.

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And given his equal disdain for Masvidal, it’s no surprise that Covington is predicting a lopsided win over Usman as he undoubtedly wants to face the champion in a rematch afterwards.

“Load the house on Usman,” Covington added. “I mean that’s the easiest bet of all time. It’s locker than lock. … Everybody’s gonna start making excuses for Masvidal immediately after.”

What do you make of Covington’s comments?