Footage has emerged as part of the UFC’s Trill & Agony series following the fallout from UFC 268 — which appears to show welterweight rivals, division kingpin, Kamaru Usman, and fallen challenger, Colby Covington share a rather wholesome moment — where Covington appears to claim he is only firing barbs at Usman in order to sell the fight. 

Usman, who headlined UFC 268 at the beginning of November at Madison Square Garden against two-time foe, former interim welterweight champion, Covington — lodged his second career win against the outspoken challenger in the form of a unanimous decision victory.

Dropping Covington twice toward the end of the second round with two heavy knockdowns, Usman initially started brightly against the challenger, who appeared to grow into the fight and arguably stole the third and fourth rounds. However, prior water in the basement, as well as a fifth and final round, closeout from Usman was enough to see him score his second career win over Covington, and in turn, his fifth consecutive defense of his welterweight crown.

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Immediately after the final buzzer, however, Usman and Covington — sworn rivals, shared an embrace in the center of the Octagon, with the microphone briefly picking up some words shared between the two before referee, Dan Miragliotta intervened and corralled the two to their corners.

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington embrace post-UFC 268, and share some wholesome words

In new footage released this week, we can catch an audibly warm reception between the two, with Covington detailing how he had maybe only spoken in such an inflammatory manner to and about Usman in order to help sell the fight.

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Covington: You know I’m just trying to sell it for you.

Usman: What?

Covington: You know I’m just trying to sell it for you.

Usman: I know. I know. I know.

Covington: It’s all love.

Despite the warm embrace shared between the two, just moments later, during his post-fight press conference, Covington reverted to a familiar character, claiming that he had no respect for Usman, as well as calling him a “cheater” following an early fight eye poke. 

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I can’t respect a guy like that, I mean, go look on YouTube,” Covington told assembled media. “The guy dissected everything that he cheats on and everything. You see that injection marks all over his stomach? The guy’s not a clean fighter. I’m a clean fighter. I’m raw American steel and twisted sex appeal.

He’s a cheating coward, you know I have no respect for that guy. … he’s cheated in multiple fights, I mean he was holding my glove tonight against the cage. In the first round, I shot a takedown and he went bam, bam, twice to the back of the head.