Colby Covington Hits Back At Jon Jones, Ben Askren For Post-Fight Comments

Covington Jones Askren
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Colby Covington responded in typical fashion to the UFC Newark post-fight comments of Jon Jones and Ben Askren.

Following his five-round domination of Robbie Lawler this past weekend, Jones and Askren expressed their disappointment that Covington emerged victorious. Jones, in particular, stated that Lawler had let the whole world down.

However, Covington retorted that if anyone had let the world down, it was his former roommate in Jones:

“Jon Jones, he’s out there talking sh*t about Robbie Lawler letting the world down? Jon Jones knows firsthand about letting the whole world down,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “Don’t talk about Robbie Lawler, Jon Jones. Robbie Lawler’s not wrecking a Bentley with hookers in the back of his car. Robbie Lawler’s not hitting a pregnant lady and then fleeing the scene with all his drugs in the car.

Robbie Lawler’s a legend, he’s a family man, he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer. So how dare Jon Jones talk about him when he’s the biggest piece of sh*t in all of sports.”

Covington Hits Back At Askren

As for Askren, he apologized to fans for losing to Jorge Masvidal as it meant they’d have to witness the trash talk of Covington and current champion Kamaru Usman:

To that, Covington also replied with a jab at Askren’s recent five-second knockout defeat to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 last month:

“Ben Askren, come on, man,” Covington responded. “What can you say? I’m breaking all the records except I’m never going to beat Ben Askren’s record for being knocked out in five seconds. The worst knockout in the history of the UFC.

“He can’t talk because his career is dead so I don’t even know why Ben Askren is talking. He’s about to be 0-3 in the UFC after Demian Maia dusts him up and we won’t ever have to hear from that bum again.”

Covington is on a seven-fight winning streak and is expected to challenge Usman for the welterweight title next. There is no date yet, but there has been talk of UFC 244 in New York’s Madison Square Garden on November 2.

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