Colby Covington Hints At Lawsuit For UFC Title Shot Drama

Colby Covington

Over the past couple months, former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington has been at extreme odds with the UFC.

It all started when ‘Chaos’ turned down a title shot against champion Tyron Woodley at last September’s UFC 228. Covington reportedly required sinus surgery and was unavailable to fight. But turning that fight down has come back to haunt him in the most career-damaging way. Woodley beat Darren Till at UFC 228, hurting his thumb in the process.

In the meantime, top contender Kamaru Usman continued rising up the ranks by handily beating Rafael dos Anjos. Usman was granted the next title shot at the now-healed Woodley as a result. So Covington was left out in the cold for the UFC’s next blockbuster Vegas pay-per-view of UFC 235. He proceeded to go off on Dana White and the UFC at every juncture, even daring them to release him.

Ready To Sue

But he’s taken it to a new level this week. Covington recently told MMAjunkie Radio that he could sue the UFC for how they handled his title fight:

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“We may have to go to court, and this may be a lawsuit, because let’s be honest: If (Tom) Brady wins the AFC championship … and just all of a sudden Roger Goodell says, ‘You’re not going to the Super Bowl because we don’t like you’ – no, that’s not how it works.”

It’s tough to argue with Covington’s stance. He’s not the most beloved fighter in the UFC – that much is true. In fact, he’s legitimately one of the most hated.

However, haters and fans alike have mostly been in agreement about this situation online. The UFC screwed Covington over here. He wouldn’t fight on their schedule and may have been tough to deal with. But he won the interim title by defeating dos Anjos before Usman and deserved the title shot. Denying him it only further devalues the already worthless UFC interim straps.

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Woodley vs. Covington was a bankable rivalry, too, yet we may not see it right away in the next welterweight title bout after UFC 235. Covington aparently hasn’t been promised a shot at the winner of Woodley vs. Usman. Dana White even said Covington would have to “get back in line.”

Not Backing Down

So Covington believes that’s just corrupt business. He’ll stand up for his beliefs and will not back down:

“If the UFC wants to be a circus and be a corrupt business and go about their business, then that’s their problem,” he said. “I’m standing up for what I believe in. I’m not backing down.

“I don’t care what Uncle Fester has to say. I’m the No. 1 ranked fighter in the world. Go look it up on the UFC website. I had a belt wrapped around my waist by Uncle Fester. I was the only fighter to go the White House. What else do you have to do? What’s the criteria to get a title shot these days?”

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What Covington may be off about his drawing power. He’s never headlined a true top-level pay-per-view, but still insists he’s the biggest draw in the welterweight division. Clearly, he’s not quite as vital to the UFC as he believes he is. They want him to fight again in order to work his way back to the top. Covington claims they’ve made him an insulting offer ‘one-fifth of what they promised.’ To the surprise of no one, Covington isn’t taking that offer.

Instead, he claims he’s going to turn the tables on the UFC and make their lives a living hell:

“That ain’t happening,” Covington said. “I’ll sit on the shelf all day. We’ll go to court. I’ll make it a living hell for the UFC. I don’t give a (expletive). They’re already trying to make my life a living hell. The business they’re trying to do right now is ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense.”