Colby Covington vows to finish Leon Edwards at UFC 296: ‘He’s going to get broken by the American dream’

Colby Covington vows to break Leon Edwards at UFC 286 get broken by the American dream

Ahead of his undisputed welterweight title fight with long-time rival, Leon Edwards at UFC 296 next month, former interim champion, Colby Covington claims he will break the Birmingham native, insisting he has earned his shot at divisional gold.

Covington, the current number three ranked welterweight contender, has been sidelined since he landed a unanimous decision shutout win over former two-time title challenger, Jorge Masvidal back in March of last year, in the pair’s five round grudge match.

As for Edwards, the undisputed welterweight champion managed to land his first successful defense of the crown at UFC 286 back in March of this year, landing a second career win over Kamaru Usman in the pair’s trilogy rubber match in the UK.

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Colby Covington promises to break Leon Edwards in UFC 296 title fight

And defending his status as the incoming title challenger ahead of UFC 296 next month, Clovis native, Covington claims he has earned his title fight – unlike the defending Edwards.

“He (Leon Edwards) had the right matchups at the right time to get to that point in his career,” Colby Covington told “He fought a lightweight washout in Nate Diaz and sat out almost two years to get his title shot. I don’t think he warranted getting a title shot after beating that guy.”

“He just cried, ‘I deserve this, I deserve that.’ instead of just going out there and working for it or earning it like I did,” Colby Covington explained. “I had to earn it the hard way. No one gave me this spot to fight for the undisputed title. I had to earn it. I had to go the unconventional way because the straight-ahead way wasn’t available. He didn’t earn it the hard way like I did, and December 16. he’s going to find out that’s he’s going to get broken by the American dream.”

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Who wins at UFC 296 next month: Leon Edwards or Colby Covington?