Colby Covington Delivers Warning To ‘Two-Pump Chump’ Tyron Woodley

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It’s not official yet, but the overwhelming belief is that UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will return soon for a grudge match with newly crowned interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington in the very near future.

The two former training partners have already begun trading blows – and it hasn’t been pretty – in the mere moments after Covington won the placeholder strap in a five-round decision win over Rafael dos Anjos at June 9’s UFC 225, so the fight now has a preinstalled trash talk war to build on their already bad blood-filled history as (sort of) teammates at American Top Team (ATT).

It’s gotten so bad, so fast that Woodley has claimed he wants to get ‘banned from the UFC’ and has already brought Covington’s family into the mix, but to fair, any and all topics are open season for ‘Chaos’ in his seemingly never-ending, scripted trash talk vignettes that may or may not be working to actually get him the following he clearly so desires.

Just that was recently the case for Covington, who spoke up even more about his new archrival on The MMA Hour, poking fun at Woodley’s rap album and acting career while calling him his trademark “TyQuil” insult for the perceived boringness of his fights. Despite an overarching penchant for winning fights on the scorecards, Covington promised to put the champ to sleep for good:

“Tyquil, there’s nowhere else to run,” Covington said. “There’s nowhere else to hide. What you gonna do now? No more rap albums. I know all the people hate me, but if you really want to hate me, go look on Google and try to listen to this dude rap. That’s why he’s trying to come fight. That’s why he’s begging to fight me now, because his rap album is failing. He’s got baby mamas to pay. That dude is a joke, man. His B-list acting career that goes straight to DVD, it is no more. Don’t worry, Tyquil. I’m sending you to sleep for good, motherf*cker.”

The interim champion insists he’s cocksure about the outcome of their pending match-up based on their history of training together at ATT, sessions which Covington claims Woodley quit due to the sheer amount of oxygen required to sustain his massively muscled frame:

“Every single round, every single time,” Covington said. “He literally never took one round off me. First round, he would be so tired trying to get oxygen to those muscles. The second round would just be easy pickings to me. I would pick him apart, do whatever I want to him. That’s the real reason he never wanted to talk to me again, after I gave him enough beatings. He was like, ‘Nah, I’m not doing this anymore.’”

But as for “The Chosen One’s” trash talk, Covington said he doesn’t see any of it. If the champion truly wants to bring some smack talk his way, he said, he can unblock him on social media after he supposedly shut him off and say it to his face:

“I don’t see anything he says,” Covington said. “Anything he says is fake news. He just tries to come out in the media, he’s trying to steal my spotlight. He knows I’m the real world champ. He’s got that fool’s gold at home. If he has something to say, he can say it to my face or unblock me and say it to me and let me see it, like a real man.”

Finally, Covington used an insult that only “Chaos” could before proclaiming Woodley wouldn’t last the distance when they did fight:

“He’s a little two-pump chump,” Covington said. “He won’t last more than two rounds.”

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