Colby Covington Blasts ‘Jealous Little B*tch’ Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal
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The friendship between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal seems to have come to an end.

Last week, Covington took offense to Masvidal’s “f*ck these losers” line and went in on “Gamebred,” who he called “dumb and desperate.” Now, Masvidal is matched up to take on Nate Diaz at UFC 242 in New York. As for Covington, it remains to be seen if he is booked to finally face Kamaru Usman for the 170-pound title.

Speaking on “The Ariel Helwani MMA Show” earlier today (Mon. September 9, 2019), Covington was asked about the state of his friendship with Masvidal. Covington referenced Masvidal as his “ex-best friend” and claims his American Top Team (ATT) teammate uses people to get what he wants.

“The state of my relationship with Jorge Masvidal is – he’s the type of guy that, when you’re doing something for him, yeah, he’ll use you,” Covington said. “But as long as you’re doing better than him and you’re not helping him out anymore, then he doesn’t care about you. And that’s exactly what happened. When he got beat up by Demian Maia, and then I went in there and I completely destroyed Demian Maia in his home country, that’s when the relationship started to get a little bit different.

“He started to act different toward me, like a competitor. And I know it’s not the MAGA stuff that makes him mad, Ariel, because he’s a big Donald Trump fan himself. I know that because I’ve seen the support that he’s put in the past for him and he loves the MAGA stuff and he’s always told me that he respected I was taking the Trump side. Even though people were gonna hate me, you know. But he loves what Donald Trump is doing and he would always make fun of Hillary [Clinton].”

When asked what led to the relationship deteriorating, Covington noted a string of issues. However, he claims things started to break down after Covington defeated Demian Maia, who previously defeated Masvidal inside the Octagon. Covington went on to call “Gamebred” a “jealous little b*tch.”

“Yeah, it just, it was one thing after another,” Covington said. “It was the Demian Maia thing, he started to get bitter and jealous. And as soon as I won the World Title – like I had him in my corner for that fight and he didn’t even show up that week to help me. He didn’t show up to one fight before my fight to help warm-up with me. I knew he was making it all about himself and he wasn’t truly happy for me and my success. All he cares about is himself.

“That’s all Jorge is, is a guy who cares for himself. He doesn’t care for others. He doesn’t care for anybody unless they can do something for him. I’m not that guy. I’m not gonna always just do stuff for you and then be taken for granted. Now I passed him up; I’m making more money than him, I’m banging hotter chicks than him, I’m doing better in life and he’s just a jealous little b*tch.”

What do you think about Covington’s comments on his relationship with Masvidal?

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