Colby Covington Embraces Kamaru Usman After Their Fight: ‘It’s All Love’

Colby Covington

Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman both embraced each other after a grueling five round championship fight at UFC 268.

You could hear Covington speak the words ‘It’s all love’ as the two are talking and they then shake each other’s hand. The crowd noise and broadcasters make it hard to hear what else was said between the two fighters, but we know it must have been friendly and respectful.

The two have had an endless amount of trash talking and bad blood coming into the fight. The rivalry between the two is one of the best we have seen in history. They both push the other to the limits and bring the best version out of each other.

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To see the two embrace each other and show respect after two hard fought bouts they had, is a fantastic thing to see. It’s just another reason why MMA is such a great sport. The respect two people that don’t like each other can show after going through a war is something we don’t see in any other sport.

Colby Covington turned the tables late in the fight after he looked to be out of it in the early rounds, but wasn’t enough to get him the win.

Usman dropped Covington late in the second round twice, and looked to almost have Covington finished. Covington came out in the third round and went on to out-strike Usman in most exchanges in that round. He kept that same pressure int he fourth round and even rocked Usman at the end of the round. Usman buckled down and took the fifth round to edge out a unanimous decision victory.

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It was Usman’s hardest test to date, and his hardest bout since the first fight he had with Covington. Usman stays undefeated in the UFC and has now won 15 in a row. He is just one win away from tying Anderson’s Silva’s record of 16 wins in a row.

Did you enjoy seeing Usman and Covington embrace each other after the fight?