Cody Garbrandt Goes Off On TJ Dillashaw’s EPO Use In Classic Twitter Rant

Photo: David Dermer for USA TODAY Sports
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Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt has always claimed his archrival T.J. Dillashaw was using performance-enhancing drugs.

Now, it looks as though “No Love” was telling the truth all along. Dillashaw was suspended two years by USADA for failed drug test(s) stemming from samples collected in December and January.

Garbrandt, who lost back-to-back fights against Dillashaw, sounded off on his former teammate-turned-bitter rival earlier today on Twitter.

“No Love” then pointed out that all of his losses (3) have come at the hands of fighters who have been popped by USADA. That statement, although fundamentally correct, is not one hundred percent fact.

It should be pointed out Pedro Munhoz was ‘popped’ pre-USADA in 2014. Realizing he was ranting a bit, Garbrandt insisted he was done. He was not..

Garbrant then admitted he wasn’t blaming all of his recent losses on PED users. He acknowledged he fought less than his best:

Garbrandt’s assessment is a fair one. He did throw his gameplan out the window in those fights and paid for it. However, he raises a fair point. The fact of the matter is, all of his losses have come at the hands of fighters who have had a history with PEDs.

“No Love” then turned his attention to Dillashaw’s striking coach, Duane Ludwig. Garbrandt went so far as to claim Ludwig was complicit in Dillashaw’s PED use.

Dillashaw will be able to return to action in January of 2021. As for Garbrandt, the onetime bantamweight king finds himself on a three-fight skid, the first of his career.

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