Clay Guida Grinds To Win Over Michael Johnson – UFC Vegas 18 Results

Clay Guida

Up next at UFC Vegas 18. The Ultimate Figher finalist Michael Johnson takes on UFC legend Clay Guida…

Round 1: Michael Jonson is pushing forward early. Clay Guida is moving around the cage popping out his jab to create distance. Johnson lands a nice one-two the first eye-catching punches of the fight. Guida is undeterred and continues to press forward. He’s landing big shots and has Johnson backing up. Guida’s head kick glances off Johnson. ‘The Carpenter’ shoots in for the takedown and forces his opponent against the fence. Guida picks up Johnson and drops him down to the mat. The veteran secures the position and stays heavy on Johnson. Johnson stands up and survives the threat of Guida’s guillotine. Johnson escapes the clinch and lands a knee while exiting. Guida is cut on the forehead. Johnson is putting his hands together now. He presses Guida to the cage for a moment before separating. Guida lands a big overhand. Johnson returns with a straight punch. Both men are swinging in round one! Guida lands three consecutive overhand rights at the end of round one.

Round 2: Guida is getting after it early in round two. He’s putting pressure on and avoiding punches well. ‘The Carpenter’ dips down and secures the takedown. Johnson is trying to work his way up and is using the fence to help him do just that. ‘The Menace’ is back on his feet but Guida continues to dominate him against the fence. Johnson eventually manages to separate and get back to striking range. Not for long though. Guida presses forward and goes back to work against the fence. This is an exhausting round to watch. Every time Johnson gets any type of space it is closed by Guida who is showing off his impressive gas tank. Johnson wins a clinch exchange against the fence and is able to maintain the striking position for a little longer. Unfortunately for Johnson, he is unable to land anything before Guida again goes to work for the takedown. The round ends with Guida pressing his opponent against the fence.

Round 3: Guida immediately puts the pressure on at the start of round three. Both men are throwing and missing wildly. The punches keep coming and both men find some success. Johnson pings Guida and appears to drop him momentarily. ‘The Carpenter’ pops straight back up and goes looking for the takedown. Very smart. He’s got Johnson pressed up against the cage now. The clock is ticking away and Guida is maintaining control. Johnson gives up his back trying to get up. Guida jumps on it and sinks in a rear-naked choke. Johnson is fighting hands and surviving right now. He shrugs off the choke but Guida has a body triangle locked in. Into the final minute, we go and Guida seems to be on his way to an impressive win. Johnson is trying his best to break the body triangle but is having no success. The round and the fight comes to an end.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Clay Guida def. Michael Johnson via unanimous decision.