Claressa Shields Using Conor McGregor’s Advice Ahead Of MMA Debut

Claressa Shields

Two-time Olympic Boxing gold medalist Claressa Shields says she appreciates and has been using some recent advice from Conor McGregor ahead of her professional MMA debut.

This past December, McGregor commented on an Instagram post featuring Shields’ MMA training at Jackson Wink MMA, elaborating on some in depth MMA advice for the gold medalist.

“Teach her balancing on the single leg first! Warm up / warm down for EVERY session – Pick the single leg and move her around. Elevate the leg high. Push her back with it. Lower it forward etc etc. Get her real cozy hopping on that single leg! Improve her hamstring flexibility as well as balancing ability. Crucial going forward! Have her play with her punching while balancing on the single also. Finding the target of the temple of the person moving her leg around! Think coziness! Good luck Clarissa! Excited to see you progress!”

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Shields made noise in the MMA world when she signed with the PFL this past fall. She is expected to make her MMA debut later this year in late 2021. In a recent interview with Betway Insider, the reigning Olympic gold medalist said she appreciated the suggestions from McGregor and was utilizing them in her training.

“I just feel when Conor reached out, I feel like in a way he actually cared and he was wishing me good luck, and that’s what I appreciated most,” Shields said. “He didn’t have to give me any advice. He could have just seen it and kept on, but instead he was like, ‘I’m going to give out this advice,’ and it was great. I took it, I use it, and hopefully everything goes as it’s supposed to go.”

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While Shields is currently preparing for a boxing bout with undefeated champion Marie-Eve Dicaire on March 5, she certaintly is looking forward to her MMA future in the PFL and beyond.

“I can’t wait to get back in the MMA gym,” Shields said. “The PFL have announced their lightweight division for the PFL league, and even though I’m trying so hard to not think about MMA, I had to look up every last one of them girls’ names. I had to. It just didn’t sit right with me not to.

“I had to look these girls up, I had to know who is in the tournament, what their record, what their background is, and I did a whole little background check on the list.”

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Claressa is certainly one of the most anticipated MMA debuts in sometime. Only time will tell how far she can make it, but there is no doubt she has the skillset to make some real noise in the MMA world.

How do you think Claressa Shields will fare in MMA? Will she eventually make her way to the UFC?