Chris Curtis and Sean Strickland argue over multiple fist fights outside of training: “This is FAKE NEWS and Strickland is entirely at fault.”

Sean Strickland chris curtis

‘The Action Man’ Chris Curtis and Sean Strickland have been throwing down against each other outside of the gym.

Chris Curtis joined the UFC’s middleweight division in 2021. Since then, he has earned a rank at no. 14 in this weight division with notable wins over Phil Hawes, Brendan Allen, and Joaquin Buckley.

Sean Strickland has been a staple of the UFC for some time. The top ten-ranked middleweight has been in four main event slots since joining the organization in 2014.

According to a Twitter thread, Sean Strickland and Chris Curtis have had multiple fights outside the training room.

Sean Strickland and Chris Curtis Fighting

Sean Strickland fired the first verbal salvo and shared:

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“Me and curt have been in exactly 2 fist fights outside of training and its always been his fault…..”

Chris Curtis responded:

“Sean Literally punched me first both times. But I am the bad guy? All onlookers will confirm that this is FAKE NEWS and Strickland is entirely at fault.”

Strickland countered with:

“A big angry black man rips off his gloves and runs up to me telling me I’m a POS and I punch him in self defense.. tell me curt we’re you just trying to have a civil discussion?!?! The only time he’s ever gave me a black eye btw…….”

Chris Curtis said:

“LMAO This is NOT how this encounter went. Twice! Bruh I swear to God if you guys get him to tell you the story in person he can’t do it with a straight face cause he knows 🤣 😂 😒”