Watch: Chris Curtis Destroys Alleged 200-0 ‘Street Fighter’ in Hilarious Sparring Session

Chris Curtis

Less than a month removed from his win over Rodolfo Vieira in June Chris Curtis will step back into the Octagon to face No. 8 ranked middleweight Jack Hermansson at UFC London on Saturday.

In a recent YouTube video posted by All Access MMA, ‘The Action Man’ can be seen engaging in a sparring session, though his opponent was far from a professional. According to the tweet, Curtis was sparring with a man who claims to have been a “street fighter” with an undefeated record of 200-0.

“Here’s a clip of Chris Curtis destroying some delusional street fighter who says he’s 200-0 and said could’ve KOd a Chris after sparring him”

In the second video in the tweet, the uploader says, “Here’s the beginning of the video!” In that clip, Curtis can be seen landing a clean head kick on the quote-unquote “street fighter” while UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland looks on.

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“He hit the coach, he said he had like 200 street fights,” said Strickland. “And like he’s like f**king a lot of guys up.”

Chris Curtis Tells Supposed ‘Street Fighter,’ “I Could Have F***king Ripped You In Half”

Clearly having had enough of what Chris Curtis was dishing out, the unidentified man exited the cage, claiming he could have knocked out ‘The Action Man’ on his way out. A triggered Curtis followed him out and began yelling before training partner Strickland stepped in to settle things down.

“Put your f***ing glove on or leave,” said Curtis. “Bro, put your glove on or leave. I was toying with you, I could have f***ing ripped you in half. You know why I went first, bro? Because everyone else here would have f***ed your life up. If you can sleep me, sleep me. Prove it right now. I will f***ing change your life forever.”