Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera accuses Sean O’Malley of greasing before UFC 299 title fight: ‘How much gel they use’

Marlon Chito Vera accuses Sean O'Malley of greasing before their UFC 299 title fight: 'How much gel they use'

Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera is accusing Sean O’Malley of greasing ahead of their UFC 299 title fight in Miami.

On Saturday (March 9), O’Malley delivered a dominant performance in his first defense of the bantamweight world title, scoring a unanimous decision victory over the only man to have bested him inside the Octagon.

Vera appeared to be humble in defeat, offering no excuses for his performance and showing confidence in his ability to bounce back. However, all of that seemed to change when ‘Chito’ accused O’Malley of greasing. For those unfamiliar, greasing is when a fighter uses a substance that makes himself slippery — an unfair advantage in a sport where grappling and controlling your opponent’s body is an essential aspect.

“Who braid your hair @SugaSeanMMA you where grease to the bone I wonder how much gel they use?” Vera wrote on X.

Chito Vera on Twitter

Generally, when one fighter accuses another of greasing, it’s because they were unable to secure takedowns or even get their hands wrapped around an opponent. Interestingly, ‘Chito’ never once looked to take things down to the ground against O’Malley in their rematch. According to the official stat sheet, he never attempted a takedown, let alone secured one, and clocked zero control time.

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Sean O’Malley snaps back at ‘chito’

Responding to Vera’s accusation, Sean O’Malley requested ‘Chito’ Vera forward him a picture of his mangled face.

“Send pic of your face,” O’Malley responded.

Chito Vera on Twitter

Vera has yet to respond to O’Malley’s request, but plenty of fight fans were willing to give the champ a helping hand, posting an image of Vera’s face after eating 230 significant strikes over the 25-minute affair.

Marlon Chito Vera

With their series officially tied at 1-1, perhaps we’ll see a trilogy fight between the two bantamweight stars. But for now, Vera will go back to the drawing board after failing to head back home with gold wrapped around his waist.

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