Charlie Zelenoff: Z Money King of the Internet Tough Guys

Charlie Zelenoff

Out of all the combat sports trolls, there is no other that’s gone to the lengths of Charlie Zelenoff. Doing everything from creating a fake record, fight promotion, buying his own belts, and calling out famous fighters. Also subsequently getting beat up by some of those fighters.

Here is the funny story of the undefeated Charlie Zelenoff. Going over how he became the biggest joke in the combat sports world and how karma finally caught up with him.

Charlie Zelenoff

Charlie Zelenoff’s Early Days

Charlie Zelenoff lives in an apartment owned by his parents in southern California. One day, Charlie decided that he wanted to be a champion boxer.

Any normal person that wanted to be a fighter would find a gym and dedicate themselves to training. But that’s not what the Z-Man decided to do.

He decided to go on the most ridiculous route imaginable to become a fighter and put in zero work.

Charlie Zelenoff’s One Pro Boxing Match

In 2008, with no fighting experience, Z-Money would take a pro boxing match. Facing a 1-14 opponent named Andrew Hartley.

It was an embarrassing match between two low skilled fighters. Charlie would be on the losing end of the match and ended up quitting. He would also spit on the promoter and subsequently get banned from boxing.

Charlie Zelenoff’s Fake Boxing Promotion 

Since Z-Money couldn’t cut it as a real boxer, he decided to make up his own fake promotion. He would call it the Underground Boxing Federation(UBF).

Of course, being the founder of his fake boxing promotion, Charlie Zelenoff would crown himself the champion. Buying belts online and crowning himself the undefeated and undisputed champion.

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The only problem with being the champion was that he had no opponents. That is when he created a partnership with a local shister named Frank to be the promoter and his manager.

Frank would set Charlie Zelenoff up in his first boxing match against an amateur boxer named Mario. He said he was an amateur boxer, but he turned out to be some kid in front of a Home Depot.

He was paid off to fight Charlie with no experience and go down after taking a few punches.

Z Money: The Undefeated King of Boxing

So, there’s literally too many incidents to cite, but literally any encounter Charlie has he considers a win. No matter what the outcome was or who it was against.

There’s numerous videos of him hitting random people or challenging people at 24 Fitness Gyms. He will post the “fight” online and claim that he is the undefeated king of boxing.

During many of these encounters, Charlie would actually alter the footage of the actual sparring matches to make it look like he did better than he did.

Charlie Zelenoff

The List of People Charlie Zelenoff Has Called Out

Charlie Zelenoff became infamous by posting numerous daily videos of calling fighters out. Every day, he would talk trash to anyone that would listen.

Calling out everyone from Manny Pacquiao, Chuck Liddell, and even Floyd Mayweather Sr. He would even go to local boxing gyms to allegedly train with fighters.

When he would ask to spar them, he would then really try to fight them and think he would win. What would usually happen is that he would piss the fighter off and he’d really hit Charlie. He would then quit and run out of the gym or get run out of the gym.

But like Z-Money would always do, he would say he won and continue talking trash online.

Z-Money Goes In and Out of Jail

When Charlie Zelenoff isn’t calling people out or assaulting random people in gyms, he’s usually in jail. He has been arrested numerous times for everything from robbery and of course assault. But you know there’s no keeping the Z-Man down.

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Karma Gets Charlie Zelenoff (Many Times)

There have been numerous times where karma hit Charlie like his parents should’ve. Here are some of the top moments, where Charlie got hit with a little Karma.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Charlie went into the boxing club, where Floyd Mayweather Sr and his crew were training. He approached Floyd Mayweather Sr and asked for a friendly sparring match.

In classic Z-Money fashion, he really tried to hit Mayweather and all hell broke loose. The retired boxer began to embarrass the young psycho and then his whole team took a shot at him.

From the video posted online, he was lucky to make it out alive. But this would be a trend with Charlie.

Deric The Giant

Deric was a retired boxer that Charlie Zelenoff actually paid $300 dollars to spar with him and record it. Charlie decides to hit a retired boxer outweighing him by 100 pounds and you can guess what happened. 

The retired boxer proceeds to blast Zelenoff a few times before he quits and runs out of the ring. Running to his home to post a video saying that he won.

Dajon Daniels

Dajon Daniels was a sixteen year old amateur boxer at the time. Charlie would enter the same gym, where he fought Deric. He began calling out people to fight him and the owner set him up to fight his young heavyweight boxer.

Daniels proceeded to beat Charlie in and out of the ring. He would actually throw him to the ground and put him in an RNC. 

Only releasing it after making Charlie say that he lost. This would technically make Daniels the reigning UBF World Champion

Deontay Wilder

Being the unhinged psycho that Z-Money is, he thought it would be a good idea to call out Deontay Wilder. Former world champion and arguably one of the greatest knockout artists in boxing history.

Wilder told Charlie Zelenoff to meet him at Legends MMA in LA and proceeded to humiliate the internet troll. Beating him all around the gym and running away from the knockout artist.

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Crazy Tempo

An influencer named Crazy Tempo had a few back-and-forths online with Charlie and wanted to fight him. He would even show up to Zelenoff’s apartment, but Charlie would refuse to come outside.

What proceeded later was Crazy Tempo hunting down the undefeated Z-Man in public. Tempo while wearing boxing gloves began chasing Charlie through traffic and into a restaurant.

Somehow topping being beaten senseless by numerous professional boxers. 

Did Charlie Ever Learn His Lesson?

After all these years of trolling, assaulting people, and getting beaten up, you would think Charlie would give up. He’s even been banned from every boxing and fitness gym around the city of LA.

But there’s no room for logic in the mind of an insane man like Charlie Zelenoff. The video below is the most recent update of the self proclaimed best boxer in the world.

Since he’s not allowed in gyms anymore, Zelenoff is now challenging people on the street. Leading to him being arrested and viciously assaulted on numerous occasions.

One of the last videos he posted shows his face completely swollen from being beaten by a group of men. A group that he most likely instigated.

To make matters worse, Charlie Zelenoff was rewarded with a restraining order from Kim Kardashian after showing up to her residence.

Also after many failed relationships and his parents nearly cutting him off, Charlie is alone and a severe alcoholic. Anyone that has watched his antics for years are not shocked at how Z-Money’s life is going.

The Legacy of Charlie “Z-Money” Zelenoff

Charlie Zelenoff is arguably the biggest joke in the history of combat sports. He created this whole persona as a tough guy and got just what he deserved as a result.

Being a crazy person, Zelenoff is still out there calling people out and getting beat up. In his own mind, he’s still an undefeated champion and we’re still laughing at him.