Chael Sonnen slams Floyd Mayweather following Jake Paul altercation: ‘This is a crime’

Chael Sonnen Floyd Mayweather Jake Paul Crime
Mandatory Credit: Al Powers - ESPN Images

Former UFC light heavyweight and middleweight title challenger, Chael Sonnen has hit out at former boxing world champion, Floyd Mayweather following his altercation with professional boxer, Jake Paul during a Miami Heat basketball game earlier this year – claiming the Michigan native’s attempt to jump the latter could be viewed as a crime.

Earlier this week, footage was released detailing a heated altercation between Paul and Mayweather – as well as a slew of the Michigan native’s entourage during a Miami Heat game, in which Paul is threatened with physical violence.

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During the run-in, Mayweather and members of his reported 50-deep entourage confront Paul, who backs away and eventually turns and runs from the situation, while the former shouts and taunts at the former unbeaten puncher.

Chael Sonnen slams Floyd Mayweather for Jake Paul altercation

Sharing his thoughts on the incident, Sonnen, claimed that the perpertrators were “cowardly” and “disgusting”. 

“I watch the video and there’s all sorts of problems with this,” Chael Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. “First off, it is Floyd (Mayweather) and it is people with him. When you start to count them on camera, you come out to about four, but when you hear there was six, there was eight, 20, 50 … It makes it sound like there was more, maybe we didn’t see them, alright. All the rest of the story was true, I guess we should believe that.”

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“You come out and this is a crime,” Chael Sonnen explained. “This is disgusting and this is cowardly what they did, but it’s a crime. Now you have one of Floyd’s people filmed the crime. That’s your real story. You’ve got to be a special kind of stupid. He films a crime and they intidimate Jake and the one guy says, “Hey, ya’ll. Should we rough him up?’ That right there becomes illegal. Then the guy answers his own question, ‘Yeah, let’s rough him up.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting

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Off the back of the altercation, Paul lambasted Mayweather on social media, offering to fight the former multiple-time and weight boxing world champion.