Carrese Archer, the fighter Nate Diaz made flinch, will compete in Dana White’s Power Slap league

Carrese Archer

Carrese Archer, the fighter that Nate Diaz famously made flinch and spill his beer in the process, will appear on the first season of Dana White’s newest combat sports venture, Power Slap.

You likely never heard of Carrese Archer up until his brief, yet hilarious run-in with Nate Diaz at the 2021 boxing event that featured Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley II. In a clip that went instantly viral, Diaz can be seen casually walking by Carrese before pumping his fist back, making Carrese react by throwing his undoubtedly expensive beer in the air. The two were immediately restrained by security preventing things from escalating further.

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Who is Carrese Archer and What is Power Slap?

Carrese Archer will be featured in the inaugural season of the Power Slap league, scheduled to debut with eight episodes on the TBS network in January. While Dana White will not oversee the day-to-day operations, he will likely be heavily involved in its promotion.

For those unfamiliar, Power Slap is a competition where two athletes stand across from one another, trading open-handed strikes, or slaps, until a winner is decided via knockout, TKO, or by points. The points system will be the same 10-point must system that is utilized in the UFC. Similarly, matches will consist of three rounds.

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“I’m really into this, I like it,” White told the media during the Power Slab press conference. “When we announced this, there was a lot of concern about health and safety of some guys. Us getting involved guarantees it’s going to be much safer. I like it, I’m into it. I’m not gonna run day-to-day operations, Frank Lamicella is the president of the company.”

As a professional mixed martial artist, Carrese Archer is 2-8 with six straight losses including a foray into bare-knuckle boxing. He has been heavily featured on King of the Cage events. His last win came in 2017