Legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer says he is willing to work at UFC 249 but only if all the right safety measures are in place.

The 62-year-old is taking the coronavirus crisis very seriously and urged everyone else to do the same while speaking with MMA Junkie, he said.

“People out there have to understand, as we all know, it’s one thing to take care of ourselves, but we’re taking care of ourselves for others. It’s something we have to understand. The millennials and the younger people, they’re not getting it or getting it or not getting it, and hopefully they do get it. We gotta do what we gotta do. Everything we hear we have to do (it). If you’re not taking this seriously, then I don’t know what life you would take seriously. Let’s put it that way.”

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As of right now, it remains unclear if UFC 249 will go ahead on April 18 as planned. UFC President Dana White has repeatedly gone on record to say it will but the jury is still out as just two weeks away from fight night the show has no host city or venue.

Despite taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously Buffer is keen to get back to his job. He’ll make his decision on if he’ll work UFC 249 based off various safety factors, he explained.

“I stand on the basis that, if there’s an event announced – based on the location, the safety factor of everybody involved, how we’re being tested, whatever, all the obvious – if there is such a word anymore, a completely safe thing to do, then let’s do it. Right?” Buffer said. “Obviously there would not be an audience; we know that.”

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Long-standing connections with the promotion hasn’t made him privy to any more information than the rest of us. Buffer is simply waiting for a call which may not come until a few days before the event.

“Guys, I have no idea about anything. I’m a media mercenary,” he said. “I always joke around and say my lifestyle is kind of like James Bond. I don’t have to kill anybody, but I get the call, and I gotta put the tuxedo in the bag. … All kidding aside, I don’t know, guys. I mean, I could get the call five days before it happens, and then I make that decision. But am I willing to? Of course.

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“You know me. I’ve done shows with one leg; I’ve done three shows in a row, blown-out back. You guys know that I will never ever not go in that octagon. But we have a bigger picture to consider. And the powers that be, I know Dana. I’m sure every day’s gotta be a new day for Dana with all that he’s gotta deal with. He’s trying to provide the entertainment.”

Is ring announcer Bruce Buffer necessary during event with no audience?

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