Brendan Schaub called the latest fight involving boxing legend Floyd Mayweather fake during a recent episode of his podcast.

The former UFC heavyweight star turned podcaster and comedian is no stranger to speaking his mind. And he did just that regarding the recent exhibition bout between Mayweather Tenshin Nasukawa. His belief is that the fight was completely staged, which is a bold statement to make.

Mayweather took RIZIN up on their offer to take part in an exhibition bout to fight the 20-year-old kickboxing prospect. The fight ended once Mayweather dropped him three times and was called off in one round when Nasukawa’s corner threw in the towel.

Nasukawa took the fight at 147-pounds which is heavier than when he usually competes at 122-pounds. Schaub claims this bout was fake as well as ripped Nasukawa for his bad acting in the bout.

“I’ve seen better acting in pornos,” Schaub said (H/T to Boxing Scene). “Floyd’s just doing his thing, he’s the aggressor. So it’s not as hard to fake it. But Tenshin needs acting skills. They should have got someone to work with him on falling down, getting hit in the face, and all that.”

Schaub also praised Conor McGregor due to the fact that he lasted several rounds against Mayweather in August 2017.

Getting Paid

“Of course this is fake. Who cares? But of course this is fake. Come on, you believed that? He made nine million, we should be celebrating that. Hopefully Tenshin made some money, they’re not releasing that. All we know is that Floyd got paid.

“Let’s say this is real, which it’s definitely not, but let’s pretend it is. How good does that look for Conor McGregor? He didn’t get starched out, he didn’t get outclassed. It was a sh*t-show. But I guess the kid got paid, he got some publicity, he is an actual legit badass. So he gets the rub off that. His Instagram followers go up, his Youtube, whatever he’s trying to do.”
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