Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub says he knew beforehand that YouTuber turned Boxer Jake Paul was planning on crashing his interview with Dillon Danis last year on his Food Truck Diaries show.

In a recent interview with The Schmo, Schaub said that although he wasn’t part of Paul’s water-balloon attack and troll job on Danis, he and Danis knew something was going to happen with Paul during the filming together in Los Angeles.

“I had no idea what they’re gonna do. We were doing the interview,” Schaub said. “Logan was on the week before, and one of my staff goes, ‘Oh yeah, we have Dillon on next week.’ He goes, ‘Oh, I should have Jake stop by. It’ll be fun, it’ll build the fight up…’ And I said, ‘But I have to let Dillon know.’”

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“So Dillon gets in town and the night before, he stayed in Santa Monica. I go, ‘Hey dude, just so you know, Jake and Logan might stop by to do their YouTube thing and build the fight.’ And I go, ‘But I can’t have you getting set up, but I want you to know the plan, so get your mind right.’”

Schaub also said that he’s thankful that tensions didn’t escalate after Paul threw water balloons at Danis and the film crew.

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Danis and Paul have been at odds for a little over a year now and have talked about fighting in a boxing match in the near future. While Paul’s next opponent following his first-round knockout of Ben Askren remains unclear, there’s no denying that the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt is in the running for a shot at him in the ring.

Paul has made plenty of enemies in the MMA community; including Danis, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and current welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, to name a few.

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Paul’s interview crash of Danis is one of the tensest moments during Schaub’s time hosting Food Truck Diaries. While the moment was certainly entertaining for fans of both sides to watch, it’s fortunate that no one ended up seriously injured and that legal issues didn’t surface from it.

What are your thoughts on Brendan Schaub and Dillon Danis knowing about Jake Paul’s water-balloon attack before their interview? Do you think Danis and Paul will ever compete in a boxing match?

Curtis Calhoun is a Combat Sports Contributor based in Seattle, Washington. After a longtime dream of becoming a sports journalist, he was able to accomplish his goals upon graduating from Washington State University in 2016.