Brendan Loughnane responds to Charles Rosa call out following $1 million win: “Crawl back under the rock you punchbag.”

Brendan Loughnane

Newly crowned PFL featherweight champion Brendan Loughnane has fired back at the UFC’s Charles Rosa’s following his recent call-out.

Loughnane fulfilled a lifelong mission this past weekend when he captured PFL gold following a fourth-round TKO of Bubba Jenkins. The win would also see the Mancunian receive a $1 million cheque as every PFL tournament winner does.

Many around the MMA world, particularly in the UK scene, would take time to congratulate Loughnane on his win, with some sharing personal anecdotes about the 32-year-old. Even former UFC champion, Conor McGregor would post a glowing message for Loughnane.

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UFC, sign Brendan Loughnane. Exciting fighter. A back story with the company. And of the European side. A money in the bank uk/Europe signing. Congrats on the win” – Conor McGregor

Brendan Loughnane exchanges with Charles Rosa

While many were happy to see the Loughnane’s success, UFC featherweight Charles Rosa seemed to take exception to it. The 36-year-old would tweet following the fight, claiming that he was better and frustrated that he does not get anywhere near the pay that Loughnane just received.

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I see PFL MMA is giving out million dollar checks,” Rosa said. “I’ll beat the champ right now! No-Name Loughnane. How do you think a UFC fighter does against current 145lb PFL champ Rosa vs. Loughnane? Put up a million, who ya got?

How would you feel after 10 years blood sweat and tears working at a place and the guy in company next to you who isn’t as good as your is getting paid 10x more? Be real.” (H/T MMA Mania)

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It wouldn’t take long for Loughnane to respond, sounding off on Rosa for his comments.

“You are one salty little b—h. I have no idea who you are. I had to Google you and realized you’re the one that my boy @The Prospect MMA (Nathaniel Wood) punched around the cage. Crawl back under the rock you punchbag.”– Brendan Loughnane

With the win, Loughnane’s stock has risen tremendously, and finds himself in a great position, seemingly coming into his prime and now with more finical freedom.

Who would win, Brendan Loughnane or Charles Rosa?