Bodycam Video Shows Nick Diaz Cooperated With Police In Recent Arrest

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UFC star Nick Diaz said he was innocent from the very beginning. And now bodycam footage shows the welterweight pleading his side of the story.

As Diaz sat in the back of a Las Vegas Police Department patrol car, he told supervising officer Bryce Martinezl the woman who filed a domestic violence report on him, was ‘obviously harassing him.’

“I work too hard to do anything wrong,” Diaz told officers. “I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Diaz may have been growing impatient with Martinez. As the officer called two more squad cars for backup, Stockton’s own Diaz found a way to maneuver his handcuffs from behind his back to his lap. I can assure you, police officers do not play around when it comes to stuff like that.

Martinez gave Diaz a forbidding warning.

“Nick, I’m going to be real frank with you, man,” Martinez said. “I do not want to drag you out of here, put a spit mask on you, embarrass you. … So put those cuffs back under your back.”

Bodycam Footage Doesn’t Lie

Watch the police cam footage here (courtesy of MMA Junkie).

The entire incident stems from the evening of May 24, 2018. That is the night a woman who claimed to be his on-again, off-again girlfriend accused him of slamming her into the concrete in the backyard of the Las Vegas house. One problem, Diaz said the woman in question has never been to his home and doesn’t even know his address.

Prosecutors charged Diaz with two counts of felony battery constituting domestic violence by strangulation. And felony battery domestic violence resulting in substantial bodily harm. Diaz claimed he had been “framed” and denied doing anything wrong. The grand jury declined to indict him.

Diaz was cleared of any wrongdoing three months later when prosecutors decided to not move forward with the case. At a hearing, the judge on his case implied the woman wasn’t a “true victim” and called to report the alleged crime because she was “pissed off.”