Exclusive – BKFC reality TV show in the works: ‘We want it, and I really think we’re going to get it’

BKFC reality TV show David Feldman Conor McGregor

A BKFC reality TV show is currently being shopped around, according to BKFC President David Feldman.

Such a show could likely catapult BKFC into a different stratosphere regarding reach and exposure. Back in the day, another very well-known fight brand by the name of the UFC launched its own reality TV series, and it played a pivotal role in turning the UFC into one of the most popular combat sports brands in the world today.

According to Feldman, the BKFC reality TV show won’t just be a carbon copy of The Ultimate Fighter. In fact, he says the show will focus more on the individual fighters, highlighting their day-to-day lives and journeys.

David Feldman Discusses the Potential for a BKFC Reality TV Show

When David Feldman was asked about the potential for a BKFC reality TV show, he began smiling. Finally, unable to contain himself any longer, he would let out an emphatic “Yeah!”

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“Yeah, great question,” the BKFC President told LowKick MMA reporter, Makoa Goble. “And actually, even better timing. Because there’s a television conference that’s happening in New Orleans, right now, as we speak. And, we’re pitching our reality show to a bunch of different networks right now.”

“So, perfect, perfect, timing. Great question,” He continued. “Yes, the answer is yes, absolutely. We want it, absolutely. And, I really think we’re gonna get it, ’cause these guys have amazing stories.”

When asked for a little more details about what the show might entail, David Feldman didn’t mind obliging, speaking about what fans can expect from the show, and also describing some of the trials and tribulations that fighters experience in their careers.

“…Look, man. It’s (the show is) gonna be following their journey. There’s not gonna be a bunch of guys living together. It’s gonna be just following their journeys and really seeing about what it’s like to become a fighter… To fight for your life, ’cause a lot of these guys are fighting for their lives. They are fighting for their next meal. And what that really takes to do that, and what you’re giving up and sacrificing.”

Feldman would continue enthusiastically talking about the BKFC reality TV show, and breaking down more of what it would feature. “It will also focus a little bit on the team of BKFC, and what they did to sacrifice… and a lot of the challenges that they face every day. So, it’s a little bit of a combination of both, but it’s really about following the journeys of these guys, and really getting in deep with what makes them tick.”

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So, it seems like a BKFC reality TV show could be coming our way sometime soon. This will likely be a great move by the company, and expose them to consumers they might not ordinarily reach.

Will you watch the new BKFC reality show?