Billy Quarantillo Bests Spike Carlyle In Back-And-Forth War – UFC Vegas Results

Quarantillo Carlyle
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Next up on the UFC Vegas main card is an exciting featherweight contest between Billy Quarantillo and Spike Carlyle.

Round 1: Quarantillo goes for the takedown but receives big elbows from Carlyle. Carlyle has him stacked and lands big shots. Quarantillo tries to reverse but finds himself giving his back to Carlyle. He looks to lock in the rear naked choke but decides to land huge ground and pound. Quarantillo reverses and is on top now. Carlyle turns and ends up on top and looks to land ground and pound again. Carlyle decides to stand up and go to his corner with seconds left in the round but gets dropped by Quarantillo from behind.

Round 2: Carlyle drops Quarantillo and they scramble yet again on the ground. Carlyle has his back and looks for the choke. Quarantillo eventually escapes and the fight returns to the feet. They clinch up as Quarantillo lands a big knee to the stomach before taking Carlyle down. Carlyle scrambles and gets up. The fight goes to the ground again and Quarantillo attempts two triangle chokes but Carlyle escapes both times as the round ends. This is a crazy fight!

Round 3: Quarantillo misses a superman punch. Carlyle takes him down but Quarantillo gets up and takes him down soon after. Carlyle seems a big gassed as Quarantillo starts to land some ground and pound. He looks to lock in a choke but the angle is off as Carlyle escapes. Carlyle finds himself giving Quarantillo his back again. They get up and Carlyle is clearly gassed as Quarantillo looks for the finish. Carlyle takes some shots but survives till the end.

Official result: Billy Quarantillo defeats Spike Carlyle via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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