Bethe Correia has never seen eye to eye with Ronda Rousey, but her latest comments may have overstepped the mark, again…..

Ronda Rousey’s dethroning at UFC 193 by Holly Holm seems to have opened the floodgates for her haters and critics, giving them their long awaited opportunity to put a Pride FC style stomping on the ex-champ at her lowest point. Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg Justino and thousands of internet tough guys went bananas went ‘Rowdy’ got knocked out by Holm, as the internet exploded in the wake of one of the biggest title fight upsets ever.

Rousey’s bitter rival and UFC 190 opponent Bethe Correia is now taking her chance to give a few digs, and goes full blast on the fallen champion who knocked her out in 34 seconds. Check it out:

“People made her believe she’s an excellent striker. Her coach made her believe that, and the fact that she beat me standing gave her more confidence,” Correia told “She did her entire camp focusing on her striking, she forgot her judo. It doesn’t matter if you’re born on a judo mat, if you only train boxing you’re going to box. It’s automatic. You do what you train.

“She believed she’s a striker, forgot her background, but Holly did not. Holly knows she’s a striker. Ronda became champion using her judo, not her boxing, but she still wanted to strike with a boxer. That was her mistake. And it was wonderful to watch her get beat up, making mistakes. I loved it.”

I’m not sure there’s ever been a fighter that so many people have revelled in seeing lose, even Chael Sonnen for Christ’s sake! Not content that she hadn’t already salted the wounds enough, ‘The Pitbull’ continued:

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“Ronda was overrated, we just needed someone to get in there and kill her game,” she said. “Thank God someone showed up to end with this empire. It was boring to have her there because I know how fake she is, and know the UFC can show that there are many other great bantamweights in the roster, not only Ronda. There are other fighters that can represent the bantamweight division as good as she did.  We needed this. The UFC can now support the entire division, there can be other champions.

“I was cheering for Holly,” Correia continued. “Ronda never had anything special, in my opinion. She had her merits, but she won fights because her opponents made many mistakes when facing her, and she knew how to make everyone pay for their mistakes. I knew Holly had what it takes to win, but I had no idea if she would be mentally prepared to do that. She had focus, a good head, and that made the difference.”

OK, so the point is pretty much made, Bethe Correia is still super pissed about getting iced by Rousey quicker than a microwave meal takes to cook, and it’s understandable, the two shared a very heated rivalry. Her closing statement though, perhaps a little over the top?

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“I hate Ronda. and I still want a rematch. I want Rousey vs. Correia 2,” Correia said. “It wasn’t Bethe Correia in there (at UFC 190). I have always dreamed about being a world champion, and her loss to Holm opened a lot of doors for everyone in the division.”

I’ll just leave this here….