Ben Askren got his hip replacement surgery done earlier today, and he had some choice words for Sean O’Malley, regarding him being carried out of the cage on a stretcher at UFC 252.

“See, Sean O’Malley’s faking an ankle injury. (He) needed a fucking stretcher. I’m like four hours post-op from the hip, Lisa’s got me walking already. Sean, toughen up a little bit son.” – Ben Askren via Twitter

This is just the thing Askren would do. He’s one of the best fighters, or retired fighters, at trolling other fighters online. Once O’Malley was kicked on his knee in his fight with Marlon Vera, his leg went dead, and he ended up spraining his ankle as the fight went on.

The former multiple-time Bellator and ONE Championship Welterweight Champion doesn’t believe that’s enough of an excuse to not be able to walk out of the octagon.

It’s great to see that Askren finally got his hip replaced, he’s needed do get that done for some time now. That’s the main reason he retired back in 2017, and in 2019. It’d be pretty cool to see him return, he didn’t leave on the best note. He’s better than he was able to show us in the year he was with the UFC.

As for O’Malley, hopefully he has a quick recovery process and can get back inside the cage soon. He was looking great early on in his fight with Vera, up until his leg gave out. He was landing some vicious leg kicks of his own, and he was on point until he couldn’t put weight on his right leg.

O’Malley is still only 25 years of age, he’ll continue growing and getting better for years to come. Every performance he has, you can tell he’s just put that much more time in the gym. He has as much potential as anyone we’ve ever seen in this sport.

I became a fan of combat sports when I was 12 years old. I was scrolling through the channels and landed upon versus, where WEC was televised. Urijah Faber fought Jens Pulver for the second time that night. That’s the first fight I saw, and the fight that got me hooked on the sport. Since then, the sport has grown so rapidly, and my goal is to enlighten everyone on what’s going on in the sport today.