Bas Rutten has given his opinion on the viral video of Joe Schilling knocking out a drunk man in a bar.

The Bellator MMA fighter justified his actions by claiming the man had made racist comments and was also a domestic abuser, posting “proof” of this to social media.

After considering all of that Rutten says the guy “kind of deserved” to get knocked out.

“In the beginning, you go, was the guy really provoking him?” Rutten told MMA Fighting. “But the messages [Schilling, allegedly] got from his ex-wife, apparently, he was a violent guy. It looked like, yeah, why would he hit him? But apparently, he was saying really bad stuff, and he had done it in the past with his ladies. So he kind of deserved it, I guess.”

Rutten who served as a bouncer for many years insists, he would never have done what Schilling did. The MMA legend thinks the situation could have been handled in a much better way.

“For me, I don’t, not against a civilian,” he said. “In that situation, I wouldn’t have done it. I’m happy that it came out that he used to beat his exes, because I personally wouldn’t have done it. With me, they’re going to have to throw the first punch. Otherwise, I don’t do anything. And most of the time when I see they’re drunk, I’m not even going to fight. I might, if he really…put him in a choke. Just choke him out, put him on his side, call the cops.

“But listen, I’ve been drunk a lot in my life also. I don’t like to be the person – this guy knew what he was doing, obviously, what he was doing. But if somebody’s really drunk, why would I bash his face in? The next day he wakes up and doesn’t remember what happened. Yeah, I’m not into that.”

Do you agree with Bas Rutten? Should Joe Schilling have dealt with his recent bar altercation differently?

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