“What immediately came to my mind was, What’s the need for insurance? Because advocates for MMA have been touting how safe this sport is and that no one is ever injured, and in fact, the testimony here is that the worst that ever happened was a broken arm. But I don’t think that insurance is going to do anything for the very prevalent brain damage that fighters will suffer. I think what MMA should be doing is, instead of providing insurance for injuries, is to do away with injuries. – For more from Bob Reilly on ZUFFA’s Insurance, visit MMAFighting.com

ZUFFA’s recent announcement of the company’s customized accident insurance coverage, which covers all Strikeforce and UFC fighters inside and outside of the cage, appeared to be both welcomed and applauded by all.  That is, with the exception of MMA’s most infamous detractor, New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly, who has openly likened the sport to a form of “human cockfighting.””

In March, West Virginia became the 45th out of 48 states with athletic commissions in place to sanction the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, leaving only New York, Connecticut and Vermont unsanctioned.  Though the UFC, and MMA community as a whole, has rallied in support of the sport’s legalization in The Empire State, it was removed from the state’s budget last year when Reilly sent a letter signed by 48 members of the 150-seat Assembly to the Speaker, Sheldon Silver, requesting MMA’s removal.  

UFC President Dana White discusses, what he believes, are the true motives behind keeping Mixed Martial Arts out of New York below: