Larry Holmes, a former WBC heavyweight champion, has jokingly called for a size limit to be put into place in order to stop Tyson Fury‘s divisional dominance.

Tyson Fury, who stands at 6ft 9 inches tall, recently defeated Dillian Whyte in front of a sold-out Wembley Arena. Fury dwarfed Whyte, who is known for being an imposing figure in his own right. Whether it be due to his physical advantages, skill, or a combination of both, Fury dominated Whyte, knocking ‘The Body Snatcher’ out in the 6th round with a clean uppercut.

Prior to beating Whyte, Fury had picked up two wins and a draw over notorious heavy hitter Deontay Wilder in an all-time great trilogy.

Larry Holmes on ‘Giant’ Boxers from the United Kingdom

Larry Homes recently spoke with the Daily Mail about the current heavyweight division in boxing, noting how fighters from the UK, especially Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, appear to have an extraordinary size advantage against the U.S. boxers.

“American guys are little now,” said Holmes. “Those guys coming from over there (UK), they seem like they’re giants! They are big boys and they are making something out of themselves.”

“There should be a law or a limit on the size you can be. Maybe 6ft 5 max,” Holmes joked. “These guys are growing man. I don’t know what they are eating but they are eating something that is making them grow” (Transcribed via the Daily Mail).

However, Holmes does also note that the current crop of boxing heavyweights pale in comparison to the level of opposition around when he was in his prime.

“The greatest fighters that have ever fought were those that boxed in the 70s and when I was fighting,” claims Holmes. “You had the Muhammad Alis, the Kenny Nortons, the Joe Fraziers.” 

“You had all the great guys out there. If you beat those guys, that’s how you got your recognition. I had to do that to get my recognition. I had to beat these guys.”

Do you think that there should be a size limit to stop fighters like Tyson Fury from dominating?