Exclusive | Ariane Lipski Prepared For Any ‘Dirty’ Tactics Priscila Cachoeira Might Throw Her Way: “If She Gonna Fight Like This, I’m Ready”

Ariane Lipski

This weekend, Ariane Lipski will face off against Priscila Cachoeira at UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Hill.

‘The Queen of Violence’ is looking to build off a decision victory over Mandy Böhm, and mount a title challenge in the competitive flyweight division. Lipski recently spoke with LowKickMMA in an exclusive interview about the upcoming fight with Cachoeira, stating that:

“Priscila Cachoeira is a striker. I am a striker also. So I’m excited about it. She’s a tough opponent because she don’t be afraid to get punched. She likes pushing hard… I do believe that I fight with my heart also. I’m a tough opponent, tougher. And I think that the key for the win is my technique. I’m more technical than her. Also, I do believe that I’m a more well-rounded fighter. I have some submissions. So that’s it, I think that technique is key.”

Ariane Lipski Addresses Concerns That Priscila Cachoeira Will Deploy ‘Dirty Tactics’

Priscila Cachoeira is an experienced veteran in the women’s flyweight division, having fought some of the very best, including Valentina Shevchenko. However, over the course of her career, Cachoeira has been involved in multiple circumstances where she have been accused of unsportsmanlike conduct.

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In her fight with Gillian Roberston, Cachoeira can be seen attempting to eye gouge her opponent after having her back taken. There have also been cases of Cachoeira faking a glove touch to land an early strike.

However, Ariane Lipski is prepared to deal with this kind of approach, should Cachoeira attempt anything untoward. In reference to the Robertson fight, Lipski stated:

“She was losing the fight. I think she was frustrated. I have to be aware for those things, not only against her but against all of my opponents. We have to be aware of this. I don’t break the rules but if she gonna fight like this, I’m ready. So it’s a fight. I’m not going to play, I’m going to fight and win. So if she’s going to do dirty things, she has to be ready. But in her last fight, she didn’t (do) these things, she was respectful… I think she won’t do the same, but if she try, I’m ready.”

Check out the full interview with Ariane Lipski below:

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