Anthony Pettis Submits Michael Chiesa In Second Stanza

Michael Chiesa Anthony Pettis
Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
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Anthony Pettis returned to form against Michael Chiesa

Tonight (July 7) was finally the night that Chiesa and Pettis shared the Octagon. The two were supposed to meet back in April, but an incident involving Conor McGregor changed those plans. UFC 226 was the destination for “The Maverick” and “Showtime.”

Pettis threw out kicks early and Chiesa capitalized with a takedown. He moved to side control and rained down some punches. He went to take the back, but Pettis slipped out and he backpacked Chiesa. The two scrambled and met at the center of the Octagon. Chiesa landed a knee to the body and scored another takedown. They returned to the feet and Pettis connected with a leg kick. He caught a kick and had Chiesa on his back briefly. The two had a heated exchange after the horn sounded.

Pettis opened up round two with a body kick. Chiesa was dropped by a right hand and “Showtime” went for a guillotine. He couldn’t get it, but he locked up a triangle and transitioned to an armbar. Pettis forced the tap.

Final Result: Anthony Pettis def. Michael Chiesa via submission (armbar) – R2, 0:52

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