Andre Fili Edges Charles Jourdain In Back-And-Forth Encounter – UFC Vegas 2 Results

Fili Jourdain
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Next up on the UFC Vegas 2 main card at the Apex facility is a featherweight contest between Andre Fili and Charles Jourdain.

Round 1: Jourdain opens with a body kick. Fili lands a counter hook. Jourdain responds with another body kick before following it up with two more. Fili goes for a headkick which is blocked by Jourdain. Jourdain lands a body kick but partially receives a head kick from Fili. They start to swing. Fili lands a big body kick. Jourdain lands a leg kick and follows it up with a body kick. Jourdain misses a spinning back fist. Fili partially lands a knee. Jourdain drops Fili with a huge left hand but Fili survives and gets to his feet right away. Fili hasn’t thrown a right hand in a long time. Fili ends the round with a takedown.

Round 2: Jourdain lands some leg kicks. He continues to land them before going for a body kick. Fili is looking for a headkick but Jourdain is blocking all of them so far. He lands another leg kick followed with a body kick. Fili lands a leg kick. Fili is starting to have more success with his hands but Jourdain is still in control overall. Fili lands a takedown but stands up soon after.

Round 3: The pair continue striking as the pace hasn’t slowed whatsoever. Jourdain lands a big left. Fili lands a body shot. Jourdain misses a flying knee. Fili goes for the takedown and this time lands it with lots of time on the clock. Jourdain gets up but Fili takes him down again. Jourdain gets back to his feet and escapes this time. Fili lands a body kick. They continue to swing now with 90 seconds remaining in the fight. Fili looks for another takedown but Jourdain defends this time. However, Fili lands another one soon after and ends the fight strong.

Official result: Andre Fili defeats Charles Jourdain via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

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