Anderson Silva Says He Doesn’t Need To Change His Style

One of the biggest questions in the fallout of Anderson Silva’s defeat at UFC 162 was ‘why the hell was he standing with his hands down?’. The previously unbeaten (in the UFC) Spider stood for an eternity with his fists by his waist, until Chris Weidman capitalized.

One big left hook and some reality TV tears, and the MMA world is no longer how we know it. But was it such a real surprise? Look back over all of Silva’s fights and tell me there wasn’t a chance of this happening before.

Fans even went as far as speculating bribery and foul play during the bout, that Silva must have taken a dive; but the reality is that he got caught, just like anyone can. Anyway, the video below shows The Spider getting pretty fired up when asked about changing his style for the rematch.

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The clip also shows a stale piece of bread Weidman basically saying he doesn’t know what will happen in the rematch. So, Yeah.

Also addressed in the video is the New Jersey Athletic Comission’s proposal for new weight cutting rules. A real breath of fresh air given recent unfortunate events. The proposal doesn’t cover last minute replacements, but does seem do give a firm and safer guideline to weight cutting ahead of fights.

Checkout the video below, courtesy of AXS TV Fights, and stay tuned to Lowkick!